Acne and dark spot problem

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Acne and dark spot problem

Hi priyanka
I m new to this forum.Suffering from acne for past 1.5 years specially during summer.I have oily skin and previously i was using benzyol peroxide 2.5% and adapelene along with nadoxin A.but to be honest it wasnt working at all.
At present I m using retino A micro 0.04% everynight,AHAglow twice a day.
I have added glycolic avid 6%(glyco 6) to my regimen by myself.I m using it during eveningtime everyday.searched everywhere for olizza gel but no luck.
I have a question that people say tretenoin causes irritation and peeling but I am not facing any side effects at all so is it working.
And also planning to replace glyco 6(have been using it for just 3 days) with Demelan which contains kojic acid and arbutin along with glycolic acid for dark spots.And also suggest me a good suncream.right now using neutrogena

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Re: Acne and dark spot problem

Hi Shuvam,

Welcome to the forum.

1)You need to know too much of a thing is also a bad thing.You seem to be using every product out there from retinoid to antibiotics to treat your acne.You are impatient and in a hurry to get rid of your acne.Treating acne is a process,you need to be systematic and disciplined with your skin care routine.You just can't go about experimenting with every product that's available out there.Spend some time researching why you are facing acne and what products are suitable for you.

Acne is a hormonal problem.Visit a endocrinologist and get yourself for Thyroid,Insulin resistance,Hormonal imbalances, Deficiencies etc.Until and unless you treat those root causes,acne ain't going anywhere!

2)Don't be haste and give up on acne treatments so easily.It needs lot of time to treat acne from months-years depending on severity of acne.You cannot expect results in a very short time.By switching treatments constantly,you are not giving enough time for the treatment to work.

3)One product will never help acne.You need follow a skin care routine or acne regimen to tackle it.

4)Using one comedogenic product is enough to cause havoc on skin and sabotage anti acne efforts of retinoids,nadoxin a etc.It can be a moisturiser,sunscreen,face cream,your shaving cream etc.You need to exercise utmost caution when you choose products for acne prone skin.

5)Glyco 6 is comedogenic.Olliza gel is available from the brand website and

6)Side effects depends on skin tolerance.It seems that your skin can handle better so that's good thing,nothing to worry.

7)Stop using so many products unnecessarily.First focus on clearing your acne and then you can address other issues like acne blemishes,scars etc.

8)For now,stick to Retino A only.Don't use multiple products.If you really wants results,then do it the right way.You need to have some patience.One step at a time, I mean it really!

9)Use Suncote/Sunprotek gel sunscreen along with Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel or Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.Discontinue Neutrogena Sunscreen,they are comedogenic.

10)If you wish to then you can also look into Epiduo Acne regimen which has helped me and tons of others readers clear their acne.Kindly do not modify the regimen and follow as mentioned in the post.Some of my readers have posted their experience with the regimen with before/after pics so check it out.