Advice needed with skin care routine

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Advice needed with skin care routine

vasavi arun
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Dear priyanka,

You have answered a lot of my queries, here I'm once again ... Coz I want to be sincere and take up ur advice step by step.... The thing is I suffered from severe chicken pox a few months ago..:( I developed few spots luckily less on the face, but severe dark circles.....

Pls advice me for my skin care routine... And also some night creams... I don't want just fairness .... Hope u can understand me... I have attached my pics here for ur advice...

And Aha glow face wash I love it PRI... Thank u soo has reduced my blemishes to quite extent and after this finishes ofd I have planned to buy glogeous face wash as you said....

Pls guide me Diva...

Thank u sooo much priyuu.My skin is dry type ....

And my age is 27
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Re: Advice needed with skin care routine

Hi Vasavi,

I am glad you are satisfied with AHA Glow.I am sure you are going to love Glogeous too.

Coming to the good thing,you don't have any major skin problems.Your skin is in good condition.But I do some dryness,some minor blemishes and sun damage.Plus you need anti-aging as well.

So here is the regimen for you:
Morning:AHA Glow/Glogeous+Sunprotek Gel Sunscreen+Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser(Optional if required only)
Night:Face wash+Kaya Night Cream.

Do not misread Kaya Fairness Night cream as Fairness cream.I really dislike these whitening,brightening,fairness tags as they are totally misleading and I never recommend them.The reason for suggesting it is firstly it acts as a moisturising cream.It contains Azelaic acid and Vitamin C which is anti-aging and helps correcting your skin issues.Many of my readers are very happy with it.

Yes I also see dark circles.I am currently using Eye Lite cream from Finn Pharmaceuticals.I am seeing good results with it so I am recommending it to all.Also read:How to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes?

1)Sunprotek Gel Sunscreen HERE.
2)Kaya Night Cream HERE.
3)Neutrogena oil free moisturiser HERE.
4)Eye Lite Cream HERE.