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Hair queries

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Divya dear how r u ? Sorry for late reply dear I told u last time for further study I had to go for delhi dear presently I am in delhi and I will stay at least 1.5 years that means 18 to 19 months and after completing one month my hairs become rough my questions
1. Some says use to RO water for hair its good otherwise you will be bald early
2. Can we apply daily serum ?currently I am using trichoz hair serum only in which day when I wash my hair
3. Currently I M using seren shampoo
Dear please suggest some tips otherwise your friend beautiful hair will be gone currently not hair falling but my hair become rough
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Re: Hair queries

Hi Tittu,

Long time no see buddy.How are you?Did you find accommodation in Delhi?How is life?

Coming to your queries:

1)Borewell water contains high amounts of minerals like fluorides,calcium,phosphorus etc which can cause hairfall.So in such cases I have heard people switching to RO water or bisleri water.Unless change in water is causing any issues,you should be fine.

2)You can apply hair serum everyday or alternate days no issues.Just apply little quantity,otherwise it can make hair greasy.

3)How is Seren Shampoo?It also comes with a Seren conditioner.Does it make a difference?You seem to be a Ethicare fan too.

Do not wash your hair more than 2-3 times in a week.
Use a mild and neutral shampoo to cleanse your hair.
Follow it up with a conditioner.
Weekly once you can include hair masks for deeper nourishment.
Eat protein rich diet-lentils,pulses,eggs etc.
And yes dont stress over it too much,you will be fine