How to Treat Melasma/Hyper pigmentation?

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How to Treat Melasma/Hyper pigmentation?

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Hi priya..

Hope you are doing good..

As i discussed am sharing my mother pics (35 years old), she is suffering from black patches on her cheeks previously from past 4 years, but now slowly it is spreading to nose and chin also..please suggest me which cream or regimen help for this. thank you
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Re: How to Treat Melasma/Hyper pigmentation?

Hi Jyothi,

Hope you are doing good.

Your mother suffers from a condition called Melasma which is hyper pigmentation or skin discolouration.

This mainly occurs due to:
1)Lack of sunscreen usage/Sun damage.
2)It is a sign of hormonal imbalance like Hyper or Hypothyriodism.So kindly visit a endocrinologist and get tested at the earliest.
3)Due to age progression.
4)Usage of oral contraceptives.

Treatment process includes skin lightening agents like Glycolic acid,Retinoids,Kojic acid etc.Kindly do not use corticosteroids and hydroquinone.

Here the Melasma regimen for your mom:
Morning:Glogeous facewash+Sunprotek sunscreen+Sebamed moisturising cream if required.
Evening:Glogeous face wash or Kaya cleanser+Olliza gel+Wait for 20-30minutes and apply Kojiglo gel on entire face.

Olliza gel is 12% glycolic acid gel.I am currently testing it out and so far so good.The formula does not seem to cause any dryness either.In case,she experiences dryness tell her to apply a moisturiser.It is available on amazon and

Kojiglo is Kojic acid+Arbutin formula for lightening pigmentation.It is also available on

Please advise her to use a broad spectrum sunscreen during day religiously irrespective of whether she is indoors or outdoors,sunscreen is a must.Otherwise it will aggravate her condition.Reapply every 2-3 hours.

If possible opt for couple sessions of glycolic and TCA peels,they will do wonders on her.

Hope this helps!