Laser Q Switch after care for freckles

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Laser Q Switch after care for freckles


I got a laser Q switch treatment done from Kaya ( 5 sessions till now ) and it surely added to improvement of my overall skin tone and clarity. However, although it did lighten up the freckles around my eyes, what i observe is that, initial few days after the session my freckles appear light (almost invisible), however, as days pass by, they again seem to resurface. Even though they are lighter than what they were before i started the Kaya laser treatment, yet, they are not gone completely and seems like they can fade few more shades (if not complete) with tropical ointments. Can someone please help me with this? I am about to get married in next 1.5 months.

Also, can someone recommend me a good dark circle cream? I have tried almost everything under the sun, potatoes, cucumbers, lemon, vitamin c, vitamin e etc etc etc. The problem is that, the dark circles are very dark near corner of inner eyelid (close to creek of the nose) and gradually lighter outwards. So even though the shade lightens towards outer lid, the inner lid remains still dark. Can someone help me here as well?

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Re: Laser Q Switch after care for freckles

Hi Giti,

Freckles are difficult to treat and Laser is a very effective treatment for that.It will take couple of sessions along with good skin care routine to see significant improvement.

Always wear a broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen religiously during day time irrespective of whether you are indoors or outdoors or rainy or cloudy days too.Reapply every 2 hours.Freckles are a result of sun damage so sunscreen is a MUST!

Here is regimen suggested for you:
Morning:Glogeous face wash+Sunprotek Gel Sunscreen
Afternoon:Reapply sunscreen
Evening: Glogeous face wash/Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel+Olliza gel on entire face.

Gloegous and Oliiza gel are glycolic acid products which help lighten the freckles.Products are available on amazon and

If you want to speed up the treatment,you can also opt for glycolic or TCA peels along with laser.

One honest advise I can give you is stop experimenting with these home remedies.They are not effective solutions.Do not damage your skin so close to your wedding.Take good care of yourself.Eat a balanced diet,sleep well,exercise.

Coming to dark circles,apply Eyelite Eye cream or Sebamed Eye cream.Both are available on amazon.

In the end,do not stress over this.It will only make skin issues worse.There are good make up artists who can do amazing job concealing your skin issues.